Preschool Ministry

God-Centered Foundation



The Preschool Ministry offers children ages 2-5 a first impression of their Heavenly Father in a fun, safe environment with active, hands-on learning. Children will hear basic truths and Bible stories each week that can be reinforced by parents at home. We strive to provide our kids with a strong, God-centered foundation on which they can build for the rest of their lives. 

Sunday Preschool Hours



We offer preschool classes at the 9:30 worship hour and 11:00 worship hour. Children are welcome to stay for both sessions, as we have different activities each hour to reinforce the same lesson/story.

Welcome, children ages 2-5!



We welcome children ages 2 to 5 who are not yet in kindergarten. At this time, all ages are combined in one classroom with at least 2 teachers. As the program grows, we hope and plan to expand to two age groups per session.

Dropping Off Children at Preschool



Our children’s safety is our top priority. 

Drop off: Children must be signed in by a parent or guardian at the window of the preschool classrooms. The parent will complete a security nametag sticker and keep the parent portion of the tag (stub) to be presented at pick-up/dismissal. The tag contains a security number unique to your child, as well as information like allergies or special needs, so we can better serve your child and ensure their safety while he/she is with us.

In the event we should need to contact the parent during the service, the child’s security number will be displayed on screens in the main worship areas. At that time, the parent would come to preschool area and would be met by a teacher at the window.

Picking Up Children at Preschool


Our children’s safety is our top priority. 

Pick up: Children may be picked up at the window of the preschool classroom. The adult picking up the child must present the parent sticker (stub) that matches their child’s security sticker.