Fequently Asked Questions

What makes the Georgetown Church of Christ different from other churches I have attended?

From the moment you enter the front door, you are greeted and welcomed by several people and you will know that this is a unique church. The casual, warm and meaningful worship services have music to fit just about anyone's taste. Our Senior Minister's down-to-earth Bible teaching is practical and relevant to everyday life. The array of Teen and Children's services, Bible classes and activities accent our care for young people.

What do you mean by "Church of Christ"?
What should I wear?
How long does the service last?
What can I expect when I walk in the door?
What worship "style" should I expect?
What happens during a typical worship service?
Will I be put on the spot during any of the services?
Will I be expected to donate money if I attend a service?
I have kids of all ages…an infant, an 8-year old and a teenager. What about them?
Will my teenagers want to come back?
How do I get to the church?
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